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Kansas Poet Laureate - Ad Astra Poetry Project

A Continuing Kansas Poetry Program
as created by  Denise Low,
2nd Kansas Poet Laureate
In Conjunction with the
Kansas Arts Commission

To the Stars: Kansas Poets of the Ad Astra Poetry Project
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...a book collection of Ad Astra Project posts 2007-09


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01-11-10 Robert Day
02-17-10 Jeanine Hathaway

03-22-10 Kathleen Johnson

05-21-10 William Harris

07-28-10 Cyrus Console




01-20-09 Kevin Young

02-09-09 Amy Fleury
03-01-09 Jack DeWerff
03-17-09 James Tate

03-30-09 Gary

04-26-09 Charlie Plymell
06-02-09 Kevin Rabas
Linda Rodriguez
06-30-09 Denise Low

07-21-09 Victor Contoski

08-16-09 Allison Hearn

09-14-09 Don Levering

10-12-09 Ben Lerner

11-11-09 Elizabeth Schultz

12-07-09 Stephen Meats



01-13-08 John Moritz
02-05-08 Trish Reeves
02-21-08 Albert Goldbarth
03-17-08 Patricia Traxler
04-07-08 Thomas Zvi Wilson
05-04-08 B.H. Fairchild
05-31-08 Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
07-01-08 Gordon Parks
07-13-08 Diane Glancy
08-01-08 Barry Barnes
08-18-08 Philip Miller
09-02-08 Brian Daldorph
09-29-08 Judith Roitman

10-17-08 Elizabeth Dodd
James McCrary

11-19-08 Michael L. Johnson

12-04-08 William Sheldon
12-27-08 Michael Poage



08-18-07 William Stafford
Steven Hind
09-16-07 Langston Hughes
Harley Elliot

10-16-07 Jo McDougall

10-30-07 Jonathan Holden
-07 Gloria Vando
11-28-07 William Kloefkorn
12-14-07 Ken Irby



For more notable poets
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Dear Poetry Friends,


The Ad Astra Poetry Project is now available in book form: To the Stars: Kansas Poets of the Ad Astra Poetry Project (isbn 978-0-9800102-7-5, $12.00).    Download Order Form (PDF)

This is a joint publication of Center for Kansas Studies of Washburn University and Mammoth Publications. The perfect-bound book is 110 pages, with cover art by Paul Hotvedt. Books are available through the Raven, Oread, and


This was my project as Kansas poet laureate 2007-2009, and I have had such good response that I am continuing to write these as a regular citizen.


All the best ,

        Denise Low



The Ad Astra (To the Stars) Poetry Project  was and continues to be part of Denise Low's commitment as 2nd State poet laureate for the state of Kansas, 2007-2009 and continuing after her tenure.


This project, a column feature, provides a Kansas poet's brief bio, sample of their writing and Dr. Low's commentary.  This electronic “broadside” or poetry flyer is available to the pubic on this and the Kansas Arts Commission websites; it's free! Kansas schools, libraries, arts organizations and anyone who has a love for Kansas poets and poetry.

Dr. Low expresses that this program is meant to share her enthusiasm for historic and contemporary poets who reside or have resided in Kansas for a substantial part of their lives.

She extends many thanks to Jonathan Holden, first poet laureate of Kansas, who set the standard for this program.

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