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Thomas Zvi Wilson
has co-authored a book of poetry—The Door into the Dream with his wife, Jeanie Wilson. The Door into the Dream was listed in the KC Star’s 2006: The Year’s 100 Noteworthy Books.

Thomas’ book of poetry, Deliberate and Accidental Acts, was published in 1997 by BkMk Press, and he was a finalist for the Thorpe Menn Award. 

Mr. Wilson formerly served as treasurer on The Writers Place board of directors. He is a visual artist and poet, who has enjoyed mentoring other poets. Thomas and Jeanie Wilson host The Writers Place Poetry Reading Series held monthly at the Johnson County Central Resource Library.









Rabbit Fox Owl Crow


In a burst of need,

rabbit scent hurls fox

into a trap of triggered teeth.


Fox sacrifices self for self,

chews through leg,

licks blood,

dances away a three-legged jig

till owl shows fox how to fly.


Bullet breaks owl's grip,

plunges fox like stone

into bed of leaves


where, twisting into himself,

he stains the snow

that saves fox for crow.


Originally Published in: Deliberate and Accidental Acts
Poems by Thomas Zvi Wilson, 1997



The Winter Dream


is what we must imagine:

Whoever you are, night at last

drops you in its pocket.


In that dark vastness,

every electric bulb that's glimpsed

through a farmhouse window

is a likely star soon to burn out.


From there the roads go

nowhere, or slam into a wall

that refuses what we must imagine:

only seamless night.


Originally Published in:  The Door into the Dream,
co-authored by Jeanie & Thomas Zvi Wilson, 2006



Ahnaloowah's Offering


She carries a bowl of clay

she kneaded, molded into a jaguar,

incised with serpent and diamond shapes,

then fired for seven days, seven nights.


Into it she pours trickles from a spring,

sprinkles blood,

spoons menstrual clots,

floats three leaves

from the crawa bush-

stirs the sacred drink called chimooah

by the women of her people.


She brings the jaguar bowl

to the granite cliff,

nests it in tangled roots

at the foot of the wabooah tree.


The condor will lift it,

raise it the the god who has

so many names he as none,

the god of darkness.

From his bowels

the sun will drop. 


Originally Published in: Deliberate and Accidental Acts
Poems by Thomas Zvi Wilson, 1997













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© b
y Thomas Wilson, 2007 


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