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Jeanie WilsonJeanie Wilson’s
poetry and short stories have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies. She was awarded the Barbara Storck Creative Writing Award for her poetry in 1990.


The Kansas Library Association sponsored a statewide exhibit of her poetry and photography in 1986-87.


Her book, Uncurling, was published by Mid-America Press in 2000. Jeanie has presented her poems at numerous readings and other venues, including radio and television programs.


In 2006 Mid-America Press published a book of poetry—The Door into the Dream—co-authored by Jeanie and her husband, Thomas Zvi Wilson. She currently serves on the board of directors for The Writers Place.









In Lapland, Kansas


In Lapland, Kansas, in 1919

Gilbert Olson and son

built the general store and

a two-story house

near the gravel road.


You could buy Model-T tires,

overalls, kerosene and calico

alongside peanut butter

scooped from a bulk pail.

Rock candy came in a big box;

you bought it loose

and got it in a paper sack.


They came from miles,

bought staples and wares,

talked corn, alfalfa,

last night's hail storm.


One Friday in 1935,

Gilbert went to the bank.

A notice hung on the doorknob.


Now the bypass insinuates itself

around Lapland, Kansas.

A bull snake

slithers through the store slats.


Originally Published in: The Midwest Quarterly
      Summer 1990







All poetry on this page
© b
y Jeanie Wilson, 2007 

The Screen Porch


A wicker chair cradles me, rocks me to rhythms

of cicadas and crickets, bull frogs down at the pond.

Two whippoorwills cry around the house.

Night creeps in like a stain.


My great-great grandmother sat on this porch,

looked out across the fields, rested from the day's heat.

She has passed away along with my grandmother,

grandfather, and my aunt.


I am caught, tangled around by their doings,

their lives--a weaving of threads in the air of this house.

In the darkness, I listen to the sounds of their voices,

watch the parade of faces.


Originally Published in:The Door into the Dream,
co-authored by Jeanie & Thomas Zvi Wilson, 2006





Tonight, not long before

the first hard frost,

we swing to raspy, dog day cicadas

seesawing a slow cadence.


Aunt Roma bequeaths me her secrets,

shows me how to spread

my apron in the light of October moon.

Her porch swing sways

to chooga-chooga-chooga,

the night song of gray squirrels.

She looks at something far away,

beyond the hills.


Originally Published in: Uncurling,
a book of poetry by Jeanie Wilson, 2006


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