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Mary-Lane Kamberg
is a professional writer, with seven published books and hundreds of articles. She has won numerous awards for her poetry from the Ozark Creative Writers, Missouri Writers Guild, Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc., Missouri State Association of the National League of American Pen Women, Kansas City-Westport branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Nob Hill-San Francisco branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Missouri State Poetry Society, Springfield Writers' Guild, and Potpourri Magazine's Council on National Literature.

Kamberg's poetry has appeared in several anthologies including: Times of Sorrow Times of Grace (Backwaters Press, 2006), Water and Rock (Mid-America Press, 2005), Sacred Feathers (Adams Media, 2003), Beginning from the Middle (Whispering Prairie Press), Handprint in the Woods (Whispering Prairie Press) and The Season of Light (Whispering Prairie Press). 

Her poetry has also appeared in: BylineCicadaCoal City ReviewKansas City Star, Kansas City Voices, MediphorsMid-America Poetry ReviewMythic CirclePoems That Thump in the DarkPotpourriPrism Quarterly, Rant, SlugFestSunflower PetalsThirteen Poetry Magazine, Writer's Journal.



races out the door

in new school shoes

takes stairs two at a time

skips down dusty roads

spends summers in sandals

changes into work boots with steel toes

sloshes in wet galoshes

slogs through bogs

steps out in spit-shined wingtips

dances in black patent leather



shuffles in worn-out slippers

remembers a long ago place

where no one needed shoes


Originally published in The Mid-America Poetry Review



Just Words

            National Archives


in the beginning was the word


a sound not heard

but carved in stone

Sumerian clay

and Chinese wood


word etched on glass

quilled and scrolled

and sealed


law above king


pen above sword

word penciled on foolscap

inked on parchment


in the course of human events


word typed

and pressed



past is prologue

the written word endures


Originally published in Potpourri




All poetry on this page
© by
Mary Lane Kamberg, 2006 


Because You Asked

What My Mother

Is Like


Long after the hawk

has ripped flesh

and dive-bombers

have returned to treetops

and telephone wires,


the nestling’s mother

still circles


pecks at the predator’s tail


Originally published in Water and Rock
an anthology
from The Mid-America Press



What Would Jesus Drive?


SUV?  Electric car?

What would Jesus drive

if He’d ride instead of walking

and today he were alive?


Would He choose a Mazda, Honda,

Kia, Chevrolet or Ford?

Or would Porsche or Mercedes

be more fitting for the Lord?


Would He like to drive a limo

or a Cadillac that hums

or “make an entrance” driving

six white horses when he comes?


He could drive a donkey cart, of course –

though those are known to jostle –

or a school bus painted with peace signs

with room for each apostle.


Would He prefer a pick-up

or a surrey or sedan?

An ambulance? A Popemobile?

A brown delivery van?


Perhaps a postal service truck

carrying the mail –




Jesus was a carpenter.

He would drive


a nail.

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