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Marie Asner is a Kansas poet, freelance writer and entertainment reviewer with over 5100 bylines. Marie has received a Mini-Fellowship in Poetry from the Kansas Arts Commission, which aided in a collection of poems titled "Amelia Earhart: Profile in Poems." Marie was named to Kansas Arts on Tour by the Kansas Arts Commission.


Marie Asner is a member of the Kansas and Missouri State Poetry Societies, The Rockford Writers Guild (Rockford, IL.) The Writer's Place (Kansas City, Mo.), Imago Dei Arts (Lawrence, KS), Women of the Motion Picture Industry International, and The International Women's Writing Guild (IWWG), New York City.


Marie Asner has conducted workshops for The American Guild of Organists, Imago Dei, Kansas and Missouri State Poetry Societies, Potpourri Publications, Heart of America Christian Writers Network and the Kansas Authors Club. She has done poetry readings through Imago Dei and Horizon Arts.



Kansas City Star (7 times), Potpourri, Rockford Review, Sunflower Petals, Encore, Grist, Passages North, Omaha World-Herald, CSS Publications, The Moccasin and Kings Estate to name a few. Marie has published three chapbooks of poetry including "Amelia Earhart: Profile in Poems"; one church service, "Tenebrae," using original poetry (CSS Publications) and over 45 stories in anthologies by Starburst Publications, Horizon Books, Adams Media, Conari Press, Barbour Books and on PBS.org.





She made herself a part of his childhood where I can’t exist.

They don’t argue, but listen to the radio,

she works at food and he at solitaire,

knife and paper scratching in unison.


They walk the valley of memory with motel receipts as friends,

something I said sifts through a crack, disturbing the air.


He had crossed the line, closed the door

and entered a raw, new world,

I’m going there whether you like it or not.


In language of stiff back and perfume,

slit eye shines above marriage vows

hiss of fang sneers through broken promises,

served papers and heart of steel.


I hardly noticed the forked-tongue kiss

subtle…painless…he’s gone.


Previously published in Kansas City Star

Arts and Entertainment Section





 I am enveloped in the instant

             before it is gone

Reverie is when chimera begins

              with the whisper

              of tempting breeze

a cloud is only a cloud momentarily

Before molding into shapes

the headwinds design.


If I were a cloud

for a tick-tock second

I’d want to be

the grandest cross-boned galleon-shaped cloud

              to ever pirate the skies.


Previously Published in Kansas City Star

Arts and Entertainment Section








All poetry on this page
© b
y Marie Asner, 2007 


Childhood Scenes

(from "Amelia Earhart: Profile in Poems" 2004)


everyone has that moment

when a room becomes remembrance

curtains, river view and fragrant breeze

come into focus


"Run, faster, Sis!"


cookie crumbs nestle in old chairs

softness of family lingers

and provides strength

for fateful sled ride one winter's day


girl stretches arms to spring's wild sky

runs her heart out

dreams of flying

with wind and clouds


sees eclipse of the moon

from bank of trees

with Missouri fog rising


moon reappears

lights river

like a burning scythe

that two-steps over high prairie

around soft-needled pines preening for birds



World Flying Speed Record

(from "Amelia Earhart: Profile in Poems" 2004)


rays of dawn tiptoe

along branches aching for warmth


Venus anchors in sky

before fading away

to flirt with strange horizon

of earth and heaven meeting

for first time as lovers


outside cockpit

clouds pass with rhythmic grace

inside, metal instruments

bruise her shins

fear is unwanted


her gift of ease

handed out at random


she didn't ask why

when the turn came

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