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Kansas Poetry Month Contest

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate's, Weekly Contest, April 2010

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Contest Winners
#2 ...04-15-10,     Theme:
Mystic Kansas

Contest #2 - Instructions
Mystic Kansas  ►  Read Contoski's poem

After reading Vic Contoski's “Sunset,” take a fairy tale, such as “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and set it down in Kansas somewhere to write what happens. Or use the sun going down as a background image in a poem.


You can also try writing a poem where you repeat a word, such as “rocking rocking the cradle in its branches” to show the action even more acutely in your language.


Below - View Contest #2 Winner


Professional Poet Category Winner

Kor – The Kansas God of Earthquakes

by Richard Huff - Overland Park, KS


Thor, the God of Thunder
Bequeathed to his son
God of Earthquakes
To protect the land

Kor with torch in hand
Lives beneath the land
Beneath the Great Plains
In the Land of Kansas
Below in dark canyons
Formed by fault walls


His torch lights the way
Through unseen canyons
And with jets of fire
Blocks of rock soften
Forces are lessened
Stresses are released


As blocks are pushed
Hoisted upward from their
Deep earthly foundations
Kor resists


Protects the land


Until forces and anger rage


Tearing his grip
Lightning blows
From the rock
To the sky


Land rumbles and shakes
Fountains release water,
sand and soil
Bricks tumble
Rails bend
Trains derail


Kor cries


Rage subsides
Land is gentle
Rivers flow
Winds blow


Kor waits and holds
The faults and
Blocks of rock


Time flows
Time moves all
Until forces and
Anger rage again


Anger from Mon
God of the Mantle


Professional Poet Category Winner



by Al Ortolani, Lenexa, KS


She’s so very tiring
In her thread-bare peasant smock,
Her poor-me pout,
And self-absorbed
Pumpkin paranoia.
She’s a bitch, moping
Around the fireplace
With her little bucket

And broom. Troubled,
Brooding on rescue.
All the while
Living on favors from
A fairy godmother
Who trades in Victoria’s
Secret Miracle bras, matching
Thongs, thigh-high
Gartered stockings. It’s enough
To make a wicked, glamour-
Deprived, step-sister weep.
Glad that at long last
She’s found a prince
And dropped-off her
Goddamn glass slipper.


The Limestone Cowboy
Searches for Cinderella

by Greg German, Kansas City, KS

From out of  the sunset I can tell
Limestone has got her rollin'.
His bucket seated, four-barreled,
Holly headed, chrome slotted,
four-wheel drive Chevy, screaming
for all its pleasure.  Coming
right at me, dust vortexing
behind the grey bullet
like a mad-faced angus bull.
I pull partway over into the ditch
and wait.  And as he slows
the cowboy reaches down,
then holds up a milk-white
pair of ladies lace panties
for me to witness.
His bare chest sparkles
with Kansas-heavy heat.
I squint through the dust
and get a dim glimpse of myself
in his pilot-styled sunglasses.
"Cinderella," he says.
Explains he found the lingerie,
clean, hanging from a hedge post
two miles back east and a mile
west.  Mumbles something
about Fairy Tales being real.
Offers there is no time to waste,
and leaves.




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