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Photo by Roy Beckemeyer
Wichita, Kansas



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Wanted: Kansas Poems

...to share in creating a "word" mural of our state.

Poems set in Kansas... Poems about Kansas people... Poems with references about Kansas places, things, events and experiences... Poems with Kansas character... WANTED for this section of KansasPoets.com.    ► View Criteria


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Most Recent Additions*      Last Updated 09-22-14


Poem Title Poet

A Kansan Visits NYC

-- Ortolani, Al


-- Fleury, Amy

An Expatriate Kansan Rides...

-- Reynolds, Tom

As winter sneaks...prairie 

-- Browne, Kathryn

Between...Mo & the Kaw?

-- Patterson, William

Bird Song

--Torrez, RosemaryParsons 

Bluestem Breeze

-- King, Phillip Alberet

Break-up of my Landscape

-- Dickson, Chandra

Cottonwood -- by Robert Cory
Counting Stars --by Jennifer Ortolani-Tavernaro

Deserted Farm

-- Townley, Roderick

End of Winter Reflections -- Luteran, Paula

Farming, Death...

-- Kinney-Riordan, Susan

Flint Hills -- Elisabeth Birky

Flint Hills

-- Karnowski, William J.

Flint Hills, Kansas

-- Ventello, Primo


-- Walkder, Lois Virginia

Going Home -- Miller, Ronda
Guy -- Heaton, Kevin
Hawk Music -- Crabtree, Maril
Happy Thirteenth Birthday -- Meek, Martha Adams
Heavenly Gift -- Kopp, Nancy Julien
Home -- Cerio, Karen 
Houses Past -- Goldman, Paul
In Kansas to Stay -- Beckemeyer, Roy J.
In Passing -- Mick, Lee
I too am Kansas -- Harris, Saundra
Kansas -- Prince,  Rushton
Kansas August Evening -- Heller, Jamie Lynn
Kansas Coastline -- Clontz, Amber
Kansas Cottonwood -- White, Debra
Kansas Flint Hills -- Stubbs, Russett
Kansas in Autumn -- Mayer, Barbara
Kansas Omelet -- Hickok, Bill
Kansas Rides -- Heller, Jamie Lynn
*Kansas Wild Flower

-- James Blackmon

Keep It Safe -- Pohl, Dan
Lake -- Spees, Daniel
Looking...Seventh Floor -- Miller, Emma
Lost Voice -- Powers, Larry 
Love Letter to Kansas -- Yenser,Pamela
Love Letters...7 -- Hill,DaMaris B.
Measuring Up -- Carey, Robert D.
Night Fires -- Hall, Carolyn
Night Skies -- Enloe, Frances
Noticing Two Cedars -- barron, kl
Old Roads -- Davis, Bev Lethem
On Roniger Hill -- Nagle,Steven K.
Prairie Churchyard -- Hebert, Mel
Prairie Clouds -- Barnes, Barry R. 
Prairie Dogs... -- Pohl, Dan
Prairie Home Sold -- Winnie Smith
Prairie Idyl -- Scheel,  Mark
Prairie Morn -- Jadlow, Sally
Prairie Quilting -- Meats,  Stephen
Rabbit Babies -- Ossiya,  R.
Redbuds -- Hack, Greg
Remembrance -- Herrmann, Duane L.
Remnants -- Johnson,  Rachel
Riches --  Isaac, Gretta
Ride...Top Down -- Dague,  Wilma Weant
Rising Hope -- Detrich, Karl
Rocks in the Ground -- Lawrence, Zachary S.
Seasonal Dichromatic -- Drake,  Ellen
Semi-Precious -- Robbins, Stella 
Sept. 24th, Overland Park, KS -- Pavey, Shawn
Sod House Green -- Karnowski, William J.
Sons & Daughters... -- MMeek, artha Adams
Sounds of Lawrence -- Mach, Tom 
Spring Ritual -- McManes, R.D.
Summer Night -- Hind,  Steven
Tallgrass Prairie Hospitality -- by Dan Naccarato
Today -- Guidry, Chantel C.
To The Prairie... -- Gray, Harold L.
Under Kansas

-- Sheldon, William

Vacant Lot, Colony, KS -- Yoho,Max 
Wamego -- Stratton, Lori 
Wizardry -- Vando, Gloria
World News...

-- Washburn, Laura



This is not a literary journal,
nor is it a contest.


The purpose of this collection is archival only!  ...and to create a "word mural" that others elsewhere might experience Kansas.

All contributors whose poems appear on the website retain the rights to their work.

All submitted poetry is reviewed by a select panel of  appointed readers. All final decisions on what appears in the archive remain at the discretion of the site developer.

Each poet's name will appear along side the title of their poem in the archive index.

Photo by Kathryn Browne,
Larned, Kansas

Have a GREAT Kansas Photo you'd like to share? Maybe a photo that accents your poem submission? Some images will be considered for placement among the poems.  Inquire, or send by e-mail. (Digital jpg images only.) Please include description of photo and its Kansas location. Contributors retain all rights. 

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Criteria for inclusion in this section include the following:

 Poems MUST, in some way, reference Kansas. 
    -- This might include environment, people, places, events, experiences, things, etc.


●  All forms of poetry are acceptable.  FRESHNESS in writing & content is desired!
    -- Please
AVOID submitting
cliché heavy and overly emotional  poetry.


●  Submit no more than 2 poems which represent your very best work.
     -- Only ONE poem, if accepted, will be published to the site.

     -- Poems should be "under" 40 lines in length
Submission does not guarantee publication.


 Previously published poetry is acceptable; this is an Archive, not a journal.
    -- If Previously published, please provide credit information.


●  Submit poems by sending in the body of an E-MAIL.
    -- Other forms of submission by request only     
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